Geting Started With

Privakey Cloud is Easy

We offer up to 1 million free authentications per month, so it costs absolutely nothing to offer password-free authentication to your users today. Just download our app to begin!

Privakey Cloud uses the OpenID Connect framework and behaves much like a social login, making it easy to enable for websites, online services, and apps.

How to Add Privakey

Authentication to Your Site
Download our iOS, Android or Windows app and make an account. Click “Login” in the Support tab of our website, you will use Privakey to log in. Follow the steps to register as a Relying Party.
Activate the open source OpenID Connect Protocol on your service. Follow our instructions here.
Create interfaces and controls for registration, login, account recovery and administration. Read our integration guide for more details and use cases.
1 million authentications each month are free!
If you operate a low volume site, you will never be charged for using Privakey. Want to upgrade to our embedded technology? Send us a message to talk about pricing.

For more information or if you need any assistance, contact us!

Download the app and register with Privakey to get started for free today.