Eliminates passwords

Privakey enabled websites have the option of allowing their users to perform authentications and register without the need of a password.

Available on all platforms

Use Privakey on any device. We currently have iOS, Android, Chrome and Windows applications. This means there is no need for two devices to securely authenticate to a site.

Privacy oriented

Authentications are as simple as pressing “Login,” entering your email, then a PIN and you’re in. Registration is also streamlined and Privakey collects very little user information, does not track users, and does not harvest data for marketing purposes.

Use Privakey's technology to meet PSD2 strong customer authentication standards.

User Friendly Security

Privakey seamlessly leverages asymmetric cryptography, out of band messaging, rotating keys, and encryption. You wouldn’t think something so easy to use could be so secure.

Account Management

Manage your account online or in the application. Set Privakey up on more than one device and you can revoke a device if it is misplaced or compromised. Best of all, Privakey is always free for end users!

Offline access

Normal Privakey transactions work best when your Privakey device is connected to the Internet. But, just in case you’re accessing a terminal in a bunker or on a plane, Offline Mode allows users to still use Privakey.

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