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Getting started with Privakey is easy!

We offer a free trial, so it costs absolutely nothing to add the “Log in with Privakey” button to your site and begin authenticating with our app today.

Privakey uses the OpenID Connect framework and behaves much like a social login, making it easy to enable for website, online services, and apps.

Follow these three steps to begin integrating:

  • 1Download and make an account on our free app, click “Login” in the top right-hand corner of our website, and register as a Relying Party
  • 2Enable the open source OpenID Connect Protocol on your service
  • 3Develop interfaces and controls for registration, login, account recovery and administration

For more detailed information, see our full integration guide.

The first 5,000 authentications each month are free!

If you operate a low volume site, you may never be charged for using Privakey.

Websites, online services, and apps that subscribe to the Privakey service will be billed based on the number of authentication transactions completed each month.

0Free Authentications

For more information or if you need any assistance, contact us!

Download the app and register with Privakey to get started today.