Privakey is an authentication and authorization solution available as a cloud service or licensable SDK. It is used to broker secure authentication transactions between users and the websites, online services, and applications they use. Although Privakey leverages sophisticated asymmetric cryptography and multi-factor authentication principles to ensure secure transactions—users are shielded from the extra steps and complexities typically associated with strong authentication solutions.

Available as a cloud service or a licensable SDK.

The Privakey Auth Service

The Privakey Auth Service brokers authentication and authorization requests between users and the enabled sites and apps they log in to. Currently available as a cloud service or as a licensable, deployed server appliance, organizations looking to use Privakey have flexibility in how they can enable password-free authentications and authorizations.

Privakey’s Cloud Service operates much like social login providers, leveraging OpenID Connect to interact with enabled sites’ servers. Additionally, the cloud service relies on a restful endpoint for all other authorizations. Privakey’s licensable appliance (Privakey CX) provides organizations a restful endpoint that brokers any strong authentication request between their applications and users.

The Privakey App

End users use the Privakey App or apps embedded with licensed Privakey CX technology to approve logins and other authorizations. Privakey enabled apps connect to the Privakey Auth Service to secure these transactions. Each enabled app instance registered with the Auth Service can approve its authentications, providing users convenient and strong authentication wherever they’re working.

The user’s device functions as something the user has. The user’s PIN or biometric assertion serves as something the user knows or is, effectively enabling simple, two-factor authentication or authorization. The second factor is used to protect and access the private key of a unique asymmetric key pair generated on the device. The corresponding public key is bound to the user and device record in the Privakey Identity Server. The Privakey app is available for Windows (8.0 and higher), iOS, Android, and Chrome.

Privakey Enabled Sites & Apps

Whether one chooses to implement our cloud service or licensed technology, enabling password free and secure authentication is simple with Privakey.

Subscribing to Privakey’s Cloud Service is easy. Services interested in implementing Privakey simply use our online registration process. Code samples, integration guides and straight forward API’s make integrating Privakey with your application or service simple. Privakey’s Cloud Service uses the OpenID Connect framework.

Integrating Privakey’s licensed technology allows services to enable password-free authentication and authorization within the applications their customers already use. The licensable Auth Service provides restful endpoints that can be readily deployed alongside existing server assets. To invoke Privakey auths one simply needs to call the Privakey CX SDK that allows app developers to readily integrate strong authentication into their existing mobile apps.