• Everyone hates passwords, so why are we still using them?

    Until now, alternative solutions have been too complicated and too costly.

  • Most cyber attacks begin with compromised user identities.

    PrivaKey dramatically improves security and costs users nothing.

  • Free your users.

    Enable PrivaKey today.


The Digital Identity Problem

The average user has 20-30 user ID and password combos

Several are typically reused across multiple sites and apps.

Digital identities based on shared secrets are vulnerable

Passwords and related account information are stored in databases.

Multi-factor authentication alternatives exist

… but adoption is limited due to cost and complexity.

Why enable Privakey for your business?

Improved business results for enabled businesses

Reduced exposure to breaches

Simple & inexpensive to enable

Cloud-based service is low-cost, low-complexity

Easy configuration & linking of existing user accounts

Standards-based technical architecture

Significantly more secure transactions

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