According to a recent Janrain study, 64% of users are more likely to return to a website if they don’t need to use a username and password at all!

Free Your Users

Privakey improves the user experience on a site by eliminating the need for users to create yet another complex password during registration. Additionally, it alleviates the burden of entering a password every time they want to access their account on a site.
Many users skip registration because making another username and password combination is just too cumbersome. What are you waiting for, improve the user experience on your site today!
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A Better Login Experience


  • Privakey works the same on all common computers and devices
  • Users assert the same PIN or thumbprint (iOS) on their device to log in to every website that accepts Privakey
  • Privakey works the same every time a user logs in
  • Privakey works the same anywhere a user authenticates
  • No passwords needed!


  • No need for multiple devices
  • No codes to retrieve, memorize, and enter
  • No photos, emails, SMS messages, or QR codes
  • Protocols are maintained, no changes to policies or technologies
  • Low risk sites can enable Privakey without PIN for even easier access
  • Just tap login, enter PIN, and you’re in!


  • Users select and manage their own 4-12 digit PINs
  • User PINs are never stored anywhere
  • Implemented seamlessly in an unobtrusive, user-centric way
  • Key-pairs generated on users’ devices are frequently rotated
  • Dynamic components securely store and access the private key associated with users’ devices.
  • Leverages open-source, standards-based protocols to exchange information