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Privakey is a highly innovative cybersecurity software and cloud services provider, specializing in passwordless identity, authentication, and transaction security. The company’s patented technology eliminates the need for passwords and other shared secrets in authentication and other digital transactions. Privakey’s inventions relieve users of password management burdens while also significantly reducing fraud, identity theft, phishing, ransomware, and other online threats.

Privakey offers a Zero Trust platform with a full suite of innovative solutions to enable frictionless and highly secure authentication processes and digital transaction flows. The Zero Trust platform is the foundation for the company’s core product offerings, including Privakey IDTM for passwordless identity and authentication, Privakey StepUpTM for zero-trust user identity confirmation, and Privakey EventsTM.  Events is a transformational workflow and transaction solution that allows businesses to engage with customers directly and securely during transaction and event flows.

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