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Privakey is an innovator and a leader in secure customer engagement, a category that we created. Our patented technology powers world class customer experiences by eliminating friction in high risk digital transactions. Privakey transforms long and complex customer chores into simple and delightful customer experiences.

Financial transactions, account profile changes, payment authorizations, IOT device linking, and most sensitive digital workflows include disruptive authentication and authorization challenges. Abandoned transactions lead to lost customers, and the associated revenue. Forcing users to enter passwords, out of band codes, and answers to “security” questions is frustrating for users, and attractive to hackers. Privakey removes the high-friction authentication walls in digital transactions and customer workflows.

Our solution combines account access, user authentication, transaction review, edit, and authorization into one seamless experience, reducing lengthy multi-step workflows into one simple and actionable event. The results are shortened customer journeys, satisfied customers, and improved NPS scores.

Privakey is fully compliant with the EU’s PSD2 strong customer authentication (SCA) regulation. Our solution allows online retailers and financial institutions to seamlessly comply with the SCA requirements without distracting popups and out-of-band codes. We keep your customers on your site and within your brand.

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