Privakey Announces Acceptance into Citi Tech for Integrity Accelerator Program and Releases Finalist Submission Video

By Jessica Donofrio 5 years ago


Privakey is excited to announce that they have been accepted into the Citi Tech for Integrity accelerator program.

“The initiative, led by Citi in collaboration with public and private sector allies, will provide public sector entities with access to tech innovators and their ideas on how to increase transparency and efficiency. T4I [Tech for Integrity] will also provide the support and infrastructure that tech innovators need to tailor new technology solutions for this market,” Citi said in a press release.

The month-long accelerator includes virtual mentoring, infrastructure support and a curriculum to help Privakey’s product grow to meet the program’s goals of advancing integrity, transparency, and accountability in the public sector.

Privakey’s solution alleviates a number of pain points users encounter accessing public sector and financial services’ websites and applications. Privakey revolutionizes the way consumers log in to sites and authorize online transactions, including payments, by providing an easy to use, highly secure, and universal authentication alternative to username and password.  By eliminating the need for passwords online the trade-off between user experience and security on a website becomes obsolete.

Privakey is honored to be among the excellent group of tech innovators chosen to participate in the program. Learn more about Privakey by watching our finalist submission video above or on YouTube!

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