Privakey Launches Free Cloud Service

By Jessica Donofrio 4 years ago

Privakey, the customer-centric authentication company, is launching a free cloud authentication service for companies that operate lower volume sites.

Privakey is offering one million free authentications per month to companies that are interested in eliminating passwords and improving the security of customer interactions with their services. The most common use of Privakey’s cloud service is creating an easy to use multi-factor login on a website. All users need to do is enter their email address, assert a biometric or PIN on their device and then they’re logged in. This same process can be used to register new users to the site.

Besides convenient and secure logins, Privakey also offers custom authorizations, think of them as strong “Yes or No” responses from the user, which can be set up for users to confirm or deny anything. Example use cases include changing an address, managing payment methods and denying a suspicious account activity.

Privakey plans to launch the free cloud service at Philly New Tech Meetup on Wednesday, March 28 at 5:45 PM at the Quorum Science Center (3711 Market St., 8th Floor). At the event, Privakey will show how its solution eliminates passwords from online logins, expand upon its different use cases, and explain how companies can deploy the cloud service today. Register for the free event here.

Sign up for Privakey’s free cloud service by downloading the iOS or Android app and then follow these instructions to register your service.

For more information on signing up for Privakey visit our website. For any questions contact us!


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