Privakey to Exhibit at the 2018 RSA Conference, April 16-20

By Jessica Donofrio 4 years ago

Privakey is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the 2018 RSA Conference in San Francisco, April 16-20. Our exhibit will be located at Booth #1143 in the South Expo Hall.

Attendees visiting our booth will have the opportunity to test drive Privakey’s new software solution that companies can embed into their existing mobile applications. They can also meet with Privakey’s customer identity experts to speak about the future of identity and other topics like our membership in the FIDO Alliance and roadmap for FIDO certification.

“Privakey’s presence at the RSA Conference will provide attendees with a tangible example of a security solution that actually improves the customer experience,” said Charles Durkin, CEO of Privakey. “We envision a world where customers can interact with a company the same way across all channels. No more over the phone interrogations, no more passwords entered through browsers, no more SMS messages customers have to respond to. Just seamless, convenient customer identity.”

Privakey’s offerings include a cloud service and an embedded technology, both of which eliminate passwords and knowledge-based interrogations from the customer experience while greatly improving security. With just a device-based biometric or a PIN, Privakey’s solutions enable users to securely assert their identity anywhere. Whether they’re online, on the phone, on a mobile app, or using a voice connected device, Privakey provides customers with the same seamless authentication and authorization experience.

Privakey improves many user interactions which we will demonstrating at our booth. Come talk with us and let us know about a use case at your company where Privakey might be a good fit. We’ll be giving away some great prizes to attendees who come up with the best ideas!

Want to schedule a meeting or just let us know you’ll be at RSAC? Fill out this form.

For more information about Privakey visit our homepage.


About RSA Conference
The annual RSA Conference in San Francisco brings together the world’s top information security minds for a week of discussion and learning. The conference draws more than 45,000 attendees making it the largest security event in the country.

About Privakey
Privakey eliminates the need for passwords and knowledge-based questions from customer interactions with financial institutions, healthcare, retail and other services. Our technology enables a simple and consistent way for customers to authenticate and authorize transactions across all channels, without the burden or insecurity of passwords. Whether they’re online, in person, on the phone, on a mobile app, or using a voice connected device—customers have the same seamless omni-channel experience with companies that deploy our technology.

Privakey technology binds customer’s identities to the devices they already own—their laptops, tablets and mobile phones. These devices, when powered by Privakey, become unique and strong identifiers of your customer. Our technology delivers MFA-level security, without the hassle of passwords or password managers, knowledge-based questions, SMS messages, out-of-band codes, scanning QR codes or juggling multiple devices. All a user needs is their device, and a PIN or biometric as the second factor.

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