Strong Customer Authentication for PSD2

Easy to Implement

SCA Solution
Is your organization still searching for the right PSD2 SCA technology? Privakey is an easy to implement utility that meets the regulatory standards and delivers a great experience to your customers.

Privakey is the right choice for organizations seeking a strong customer authentication and integrated transaction confirmation solution.

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How Privakey Delivers a Great Experience

1. Customer engages in an online purchase with a credit card.
2. The transaction is determined to require strong customer authentication (SCA) per PSD2.
3. PSD2 compliant online store initiates a SCA challenge from its servers to Privakey via simple, RESTful API.
4. Customer is presented with a context rich message that clearly communicates the transaction details and required response(s).
5. After approving the transaction, customer asserts a biometric gesture or enters PIN as second factor confirmation of intent
6. Customer’s response is encrypted, digitally signed and returned to the initiating online store.
7. The entire process takes only a few seconds, delivering a great customer experience and a strong, non-repudiated confirmation of the customer’s intent.

Delivers PSD2 compliant authentication and authorization right in your own app

Actionable and contextual transaction verification

Easy to implement mobile SDKs for iOS and Android

Integrates with any IDM solution

Multi-tenant architecture for deployment flexibility

RESTful service running on Node.js