Say Goodbye to Passwords
Privakey solves the customer experience problem of identity verification by providing one simple way for your users to authenticate and authorize transactions across all channels.


Your Customer Approves

Our technology turns your existing mobile apps into strong customer identifiers. Your customers will enjoy using the biometrics on their devices for omni-channel identity verification and transaction confirmations. Users simply respond to an in-app notification and confirm their identities by using the biometrics available on their devices.


Unify the Customer Experience

Privakey enables your customers to have a unified experience verifying their identities whether they are on the phone, online, on mobile or using a smart device. Using the familiar biometrics native to their smartphones, customers won’t realize they’re performing highly secure authentications.


Increase Customer Engagement

Privakey provides customers with an easy way to respond to any type of challenge. Examples include responding to fraud alerts, authorizing payments and confirming account updates, but the possibilities are endless. Privakey also streamlines wire transfers, workflows and other enterprise processes.
Improve your customer experience and elevate security today. Learn more about Privakey.

Blog Post

Read our blog post on our patent for universal, password-free authentication.

Video Demo

Watch Privakey’s omni-channel authentication and authorization demo video.


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