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Privakey is a revolutionary cloud-based authentication service that will have you saying good-bye to passwords once and for all.

Log in to any Privakey enabled website or app with a single PIN.

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The Problem with Passwords

Users hate them.

The typical user has dozens of username-password combinations. Managing them is cumbersome, time-consuming, and complicated.

Hackers love them.

Websites store passwords with user account information. A breach of one website can give the hacker access to other sites for the same user.

They’re not secure.

It is virtually impossible to keep a secret on the Internet. Passwords are a shared secret, and password databases are routinely breached by hackers.

Why Use Privakey?

It's easy for users.

Privakey is a simple and convenient way to log into websites, mobile apps, and online services. The user interface is intuitive and consistent across platforms. No more remembering and managing passwords, plus it’s free.

Hackers hate it.

Privakey is built on a highly sophisticated security architecture, and the user PINs are not stored anywhere. If hackers somehow breach Privakey, they will not find anything worth stealing.

It's good for business.

Privakey improves the user experience. Improved user experiences lead to improved business results. It is easy to enable for websites, apps, and online services, and no up-front capital is needed to get started.

It's highly secure.

Despite many widely publicized breaches, many businesses still leave their front doors wide open by allowing access via passwords. Privakey secures the front door, eliminating the source of many breaches.

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