Challenge Your Customers

Privakey challenges the status quo of customer engagement by enabling a brand new way to securely interact with users.


Secure, Push Auth

Challenges are interactive messages, backed by multi-factor security, that are pushed to users via Privakey-enabled mobile apps. Our technology streamlines the way people authenticate their identities, confirm their intent and authorize anything.

What's your Challenge?

Challenges can be as simple as a Yes/No response from a user, to as rich as digitally approving actionable contract terms. Customers using Privakey-enabled apps simply respond to challenges delivered to their phones with a message body that can contain any type of interactive digital content.


Privakey turns existing mobile apps into cross-channel, strong identifiers. Customers will enjoy using biometrics like fingerprint and face ID for multi-factor identity confirmation, without passwords and security questions.


In the same way customers confirm their identities, Privakey provides a simple and secure way for customers to approve anything. Increase engagement by pushing actionable notifications like fraud alerts, directly to customers’ phones.


Save time and money by delivering secure, customizable, interactive messages like forms, PDFs and even videos in your own app. Customers can easily complete and securely submit forms right on their mobile phones.
Challenge the status quo of customer engagement and elevate security today. Learn more about Privakey.

Press Release

Read our announcement of our partnership with Raonsecure, a Seoul-based board member of the FIDO Alliance.

Video Demo

Watch Privakey’s omni-channel authentication and authorization demo video.


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