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Zero Trust, Zero Friction, Passwordless Solutions

Privakey offers a full suite of innovative solutions to eliminate passwords from the authentication process or from any other digital transaction or workflow event.

Better User Experiences, Better Security, Better Business

Users Hate Passwords, Hackers Love Them

The use of passwords for digital identity and authentication is the root cause of most successful cyber-attacks.  Passwords are also the central cause of poor user experiences in online identity assertions and digital transactions. Passwords are expensive for businesses to manage, and they frustrate customers and internal users.  Password related fraud and transaction abandonment cost businesses in profits and lost revenue.

Why are we still using Passwords?

The complexity of password management leads to weak passwords, password reuse, and other forms of poor security hygiene. This is why users hate passwords and hackers love them. So why are we still using passwords.

Until recently alternatives to passwords were complex, expensive, and resulted in poor user experiences.  Privakey changes the game and the economics of passwordless solutions.

Introducing Privakey

Privakey offers a Zero Trust platform with a full suite of innovative solutions to eliminate vulnerable passwords from the authentication process and from any other digital transaction or workflow event.

Privakey’s flexible offerings allow businesses to transition from vulnerable passwords and poorly adopted MFA solutions to the passwordless future.  Privakey’s MFA is simple and frictionless. No passwords, security questions, keystrokes, or out-of-band codes are needed to complete a seamless, highly secure, zero-trust identity confirmation.

Benefits of using Privakey include:

  • Seamless, intuitive experiences that delight customers.
  • New channel for secure customer engagement.
  • Reduced abandonment, better transaction conversion, improved business results.
  • Reduced fraud and related costs.
  • Dramatic reduction in attack surfaces.
  • Elimination of most phishing, MITM, credential stuffing, ransomware, privileged user, session hijacking, malware, and other common attacks.
  • Elimination of stored and highly valued password honeypots.
  • Reduced customer and user support costs associated with password resets.
  • Better end-point hygiene, no need to worry about weak user passwords, or password reuse.

Our Products Support Unlimited Use Cases

Privakey is a Zero Trust Platform that offers various methods to solicit secure, passwordless, and explicit identity assertions and authorizations from end-users.  Our patented technology allows for consistent and strong user identity, authentication, and authorization, using endpoint devices, biometric sensors, secure elements, and cryptography to secure any transaction or event. The solution is unique in making complex and highly secure digital transactions, workflows, and events feel simple and intuitive to the end user.

The use cases for Privakey’s products are virtually unlimited, from simple seamless authentication transactions, to step-up intention verification challenges, to complex multistep secure asynchronous workflows with multiple participants. Please visit our products page to learn more about each of our offerings:

  • Privakey IDTM, WebAuthN, and Magic Links for passwordless authentication, registration, and account recovery.
  • Privakey StepUpTM for intent verification and identity confirmation step-up challenges.
  • Privakey EventsTM for seamless secure digital transactions flows and workflows with event logging and digital signatures at each step.

Privakey’s offerings fit with all industries. Regulated businesses like financial services, healthcare, and their technology providers are now adopting Privakey.  Ecommerce, manufacturing, hospitality, travel, public sector, and many others will follow due to the overwhelming benefits of the passwordless experience.

Some examples of Privakey in action:

Payment Intent Verification

Customer Identity Verification

Security Alert Response Verification

Partners and Customers

“As an identity and access provider, United Effects needed a secure, easy to implement, and responsive multi-factor authentication and transaction challenge partner. Privakey has been this partner and exceeded our expectations. We were able to implement their solution in under 2 weeks, setting it up to serve our entire customer base.”

-Bo Motlagh, United Effects, Founder and CEO

Start your Passwordless journey today.