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Passwordless Authentication

and authorizatons.

Enterprises are constantly seeking to delight their customers while balancing experience and security.  It is a challenging problem. How can you securely engage with your customers, gain their trust during sensitive exchanges, and do it in a way that doesn’t add frustration to the process?

The answer is Privakey – an easy to use and easy to implement password free authentication and transaction verification solution for services and users.

Privakey’s flexible options are suitable for all companies:
from a free cloud service and Privakey branded authentication applications to a fully licensed, branded experience there’s a Password-free solution suited to your needs.


What is Privakey?

Privakey is a sophisticated Transaction Intent Verification (TIV) solution – contextual messaging, strong authentication, and non-repudiable response combined into a singular, intuitive user experience.

Common examples of TIV include:

  • Web authentication
    • Passwordless
    • MFA
    • Step up
  • Non-traditional-interface authentications (i.e voice system authentication)
  • Secure payment confirmations
  • Workflow approvals
  • Account update acknowledgements.

We offer a flexible utility that service providers deploy in their application ecosystems to deliver the highest level of security. Our solution utilizes asymmetric cryptography, mobile biometrics and secure notifications to ensure the integrity of every exchange.

Privakey enables product teams to streamline their customer journeys, reduce user frustration and validate each customer transaction. Privakey is Digital Trust.

Payment Intent Verification

Customer Identity Verification

Security Alert Response Verification

The Privakey TIV Flow

What types of awesome customer experiences will you create with Privakey? Learn more today.


Learn more about how Privakey solves a variety of authentication and authorization challenges.

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