Announcing Privakey Cloud

Privakey’s Transaction Intent Verification provides a secure channel to streamline high risk exchanges between services and their users. Now available as a cloud service.

Secure Customer Engagement

Fraud is everywhere yet so is your competition.  Enterprises are constantly seeking to delight their customers while balancing experience and security.  It’s a challenging problem that’s getting tougher every year. So how can you securely engage with your customers, and gain their trust of you during sensitive exchanges, in a way that doesn’t add frustration to the process?
The answer is Privakey.

What is Transaction Intent Verification?

Transaction intent verification (TIV) is the combination of strong identity assurance and contextual response into one intuitive user experience. Common examples of TIV include payment confirmations, wire transfer approvals and account update acknowledgements. We offer a flexible utility that banks, retailers, payments and other service providers deploy in their application ecosystems to deliver the highest level of security and branded experience.  Our solution utilizes asymmetric cryptography, mobile biometrics and secure notifications to ensure the integrity of every exchange.  Privakey enables product teams to streamline their customer journeys, reduce user frustration and validate each customer transaction. Privakey is Digital Trust.

Payment Intent Verification

Customer Identity Verification

Security Alert Response Verification

Example of Privakey Challenge Flow

What types of awesome customer experiences will you create with Privakey? Learn more today.

Essential for Banking

Learn more about how Privakey solves the identity challenges of consumer banking.

Perfect for Voice Apps

Privakey can enhance Voice Appliance applications with authentication and authorizations. For more information click here.

Give Your Customers What They Want

Improve Customer Experiences Requiring Strong Identity

Deliver Secure, Actionable Push Notifications in Your Own App

Streamline Any Workflow With In-App Approvals

Utilize Biometric Identification Across All Channels

Eliminate Passwords, OTPs, & Knowledge-Based Interrogations

Verify Your Customers Intent With Convenience and Security